cover image Carry On

Carry On

Rainbow Rowell, read by Euan Morton. Macmillan Audio, unabridged, 11 CDs, 13.5 hrs., $39.99 ISBN 978-1-4272-6202-8

Rowell’s novel (an offshoot of 2013’s Fangirl), tells the story of Simon Snow, a Harry Potter–esque “Chosen One” trying to learn to use his magic at a wizarding school, and Baz, Simon’s roommate and sworn enemy, who is secretly in love with Simon. Rowell’s many fangirls and fanboys are sure to swoon over Morton’s masterful and character-perfect narration: his voice for Baz is initially cool, sneering, and jaded, then raw and tortured when Baz finally breaks down, whereas Simon’s voice is higher-pitched and endearingly awkward. The emotionally intense scenes between the two are especially impressive, as Morton switches effortlessly back and forth between these contrasting characters as they bicker and flirt. Ages 13–up. A St. Martin’s Griffin hardcover. (Oct.)