cover image Our Kind of Cruelty

Our Kind of Cruelty

Araminta Hall, read by Nick Hendrix and Eleanor Matsuura. Macmillan Audio, unabridged, 7 CDs, 8 hrs., $29.99 ISBN 978-1-4272-9683-2

In Hall’s dark, disturbing thriller, reader Hendrix presents a chilling portrayal of narrator Mike Hayes, a London banker convinced that the love of his life is toying with him by marrying an ultra-wealthy, socially prominent ad man. For years, Verity “V” Wilton has been Mike’s muse and his partner in a creepy game of seduction they call the Crave. Prior to her wedding, V stopped communicating with Mike, but, as convincingly interpreted by Hendrix, he remains too infatuated with her to accept her rejection as anything but an invitation to play the game. Reader Matsuura’s V sounds initially polite when confronted by Mike, then bemused and finally troubled. Hendrix has a bit of fun with Angus Metcalf, V’s groom, making him sound fatuous and elitist, while Matsuura gives voice to several other women, including V’s icy upper-class mother and a needy business associate of Mike’s who tries to push herself into his life. But it’s Hendrix’s relentless, intensely focused Mike that turns Hall’s novel into something more than just another exercise in psychological suspense. A MCD hardcover. (May)