cover image For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God Is Better Than Knowing It All

For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God Is Better Than Knowing It All

Robin Dance. B&H, $16.99 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-4336-4308-8

In this uplifting memoir, Dance (A Moment to Breathe) offers hope for Christians who have wrestled with doubts about their faith. Welcoming skepticism—“Your questions and doubts could be the very thing God is using to draw you into a deeper relationship with Him”—Dance acknowledges some of her largest insecurities, including comparing herself harshly with others and struggling with the self-imposed pressure that as a Christian she “should know more” about her faith. For instance, on a trip with her college boyfriend’s family, she recalls feeling anxious after seeing how knowledgeable they were: “I felt like I was supposed to know everything about Christianity by virtue of my Southern birth and since I had gone to church practically every Sunday since I was born.” While reminding readers of the importance of praying and reading the Bible, she also cautions against striving to meet Christian expectations of perfection. Dance also explains how she has felt God’s presence in important moments throughout her life, such as when facing doubts about her personal life or during a powerful tornado, and encourages readers who are in doubt to be open to God’s awe. She encourages readers to carefully consider their life patterns and practices with the knowledge that “Wandering doesn’t always mean you’re leaving God; sometimes you’re just taking the long way home.” With many scriptural references (particularly drawn from Psalm 139:13–16) and candid anecdotes, Dance’s peregrinating memoir will please fans of Jen Hatmaker. (Jan.)