cover image Unashamed


Lecrae. B&H, $24.99 (208p) ISBN 978-1-4336-8912-3

Born in Houston, abandoned by his father, and raised by a determined mother, Grammy Award–winning hip-hop artist Lecrae set out in life determined to make a mark in this world and change the society that would often treat him so poorly. Guided by uncles who provided a positive environment and much-needed male guidance, Lecrae discovered a love for hip-hop early in life, his music providing an escape from a sometimes abusive family situation and giving him an outlet for his hopes and dreams. His encounter with Christian rappers, and his discovery of a sense of God moving in his everyday life, fully formed the young man into a popular and successful hip-hop artist and positive role model. In this bold, revealing book, Lecrae depicts an unconventional life course that, he feels, was the only way out of dire circumstances: “I was determined to be for these kids what I needed but never had: a strong male figure who they could look up to, confide in, and lean on.” This is a wonderfully inspirational and entertaining story. (May)