cover image My Life, as I See It

My Life, as I See It

Dionne Warwick, with David Freeman Wooley, Atria, $26 (304p) ISBN 978-1439171349

Thoughtful, classy, and unrepentant, Warwick has led a colorful life as a musical icon, and product spokesperson, with numerous stories to tell and lots of advice for her admirers, but this memoir is carefully sanitized to excise any ‘behind the scenes' dirt that Warwick might have on herself, or her numerous collaborators. As Warwick (with Wooley's help) sees it, everyone was polite, talented, and humble, and if they weren't, mum's the word. Lifelong fans might be interested to hear Warwick's views on everything from family to faith to furs, but the singer flits across topics without concern for chronology or theme, making for a challenging read. Of most interest may be her personal photos, from events like meetings with the Queen and the Pope, which provide the fascinating perspective on a richly lived life that the writing lacks. (Nov.)