cover image Until the Dawn

Until the Dawn

Elizabeth Camden. Bethany, $14.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-4412-2887-1

With fluid writing, Camden (With Every Breath) weaves together the history of the fictional Vandermark family, bringing mysterious secrets and past intrigues to the year 1898. Sophie Van Rijn is a dedicated nine-year volunteer for the Weather Bureau with dreams of working in a climate observatory in her hometown of New Holland in the Hudson River Valley. But with surly Quentin Vandermark’s sudden arrival at the Dierenpark estate, along with his son and bodyguards, Sophie’s weather station and the beautiful mansion she loves are in jeopardy. Quentin is furious with Sophie for turning his home into a tourist attraction and bans her from the formerly unused mansion, only for her to return day after day. Baffled by Sophie’s unending cheerfulness, Quentin is drawn to Sophie and is challenged by her to think beyond his belief that if he “can’t see it or touch it, it doesn’t exist.” Although Quentin is harsh and often cruel with his household staff, Sophie and his son ultimately teach him to allow his heart to love again. Camden’s delicately written romance—spiced with murder, superstition, and ancient secrets—will inspire readers with its “love trumps all ills” message. [em]Agent: Steve Laube, Steve Laube Agency. (Dec.) [/em]