cover image Hank Has a Dream

Hank Has a Dream

Rebecca Dudley. Peter Pauper (, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4413-1572-4

“Last night I dreamed I flew!” announces Hank, the bear/monkeylike critter from Hank Finds an Egg, before proceeding to regale his hummingbird friend with a step-by-step recounting of his dream. Dudley again stages the action in carefully crafted and photographed dioramas, this time creating lovely parallels between the “real” and dream action of the story. On the left side of each spread, Hank races through the forest, sits on a rope bridge, and swings from a tree. Each action mirrors events from his dream, which are shown in scenes that appear at right, with Hank floating over rivers and through the clouds in a delicate, translucent airship. Readers will find Hank’s subconscious travels every bit as enticing as his forest wanderings. Ages 3–8. Agent: Anna Olswanger, Liza Dawson Associates.(Oct.)