cover image Tamed by a Highlander

Tamed by a Highlander

Paula Quinn, read by Carrington MacDuffie. Blackstone Audio, unabridged, eight CDs, 10.5 hrs., $90 ISBN 978-1-4417-9177-1%E2%80%A8

When he was 15 years old, Connor Grant promised to love and marry Mairi MacGregor. When he left her in Scotland to serve a Protestant king, she vowed to never forgive his betrayal. After seven years, the two meet again in London. And while Mairi doesn't trust Connor, intrigue and treachery pull them together and they find their passions for each other have not diminished. MacDuffie turns in an effective if uninspired performance. She ably creates and switches between unique voices for the various characters%E2%80%94 both male and female%E2%80%94producing every- thing from a starchy aristocratic English accent and a rolling Scottish brogue. However, until the listener becomes ac- customed to some of the more mannered voices, they may prove distracting. A Forever paperback. (July)%E2%80%A8%E2%80%A8