cover image The Descent: Book 3 
of the Taker Trilogy

The Descent: Book 3 of the Taker Trilogy

Alma Katsu. S&S/Gallery, $16 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-4516-5182-9

After a volatile and sometimes violent love-hate relationship spanning centuries, hot-blooded Lanore “Lanny” McIlvrae and hotheaded Adair, the alchemist who made her immortal, appear headed for a final showdown in the conclusion of Katsu’s supernatural thriller trilogy (after 2012’s The Reckoning). But first Lanny has to figure out how to rescue true love Jonathan, eternal womanizer though he is, from hellish torture in the Underworld—a mission that only Adair’s wizardry can make possible. As Lanny pursues her quest, starting from the enchanted Mediterranean isle where a mellower Adair has been living in exile, the author frequently displays a gift for making fantastical landscapes appear real. On the down side, readers new to the series may find Lanny “nothing special,” as one of her rivals tells her, certainly not the kind of bewitching goddess to spur suitors to the ends of the earth—and beyond. Agent: Peter Steinberg, Steinberg Agency. (Jan.)