cover image You Are New

You Are New

Lucy Knisley. Chronicle, $17.99 (52p) ISBN 978-1-4521-6156-3

Cartoonist Knisley makes her solo picture book debut with a hearty welcome to the new babies of the world: “Hello, you! You are new. When you’re new... what can you do?” Working in a bold graphic design style, she depicts babies of different ages and backgrounds observing and interacting with their environments (“You take baths, wash off the grime, then get cuddled. Cozy time!”). Developmental stages change as the pages turn, and unconventional color combinations render the children with blue, purple, and cherry red hair and bring a friendly, modish aesthetic to the pages. It’s a vivacious celebration of new arrivals and the many wonders to explore. Ages 4–6.[em] (Mar.) [/em]