cover image Metaphysical AF: Harness Your Dreams in the Ethereal Realm

Metaphysical AF: Harness Your Dreams in the Ethereal Realm

Maggie Wilson. Sterling Ethos, $19.99 (256p) ISBN 978-1-4549-5244-2

With this erratic debut guide, Wilson (The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck) invites readers to embrace a “metaphysical mindset” by looking “beyond the surface of reality” into “the unseen.” Outlining 12 universal rules such a perspective is based on, Wilson details the law of oneness (all of humanity shares “one existence as part of the same organism”) and the law of attraction, which calls for “embodying a change in your inner world” so that “you can see it reflected in your outer world.” Also featured are such practices as journaling, Reiki, and meditation. While the book’s first half is shot through with solid insights on manifestation as a means to “attract what you give your time and attention to” (for instance, readers are advised to remain “conscious of the energy you’re emitting,” because it’s impossible to “invite anything into your world unless you experience your desire emotionally”), the second digresses into such topics as the “companion kingdoms” of crystals, animals, and mycelium, offering dubious interventions and prompts for connecting with the energy of each (those eager to commune with the animal world, for example, are asked,“Do you visit the zoo?”). Even readers who agree there’s “more to reality than meets the eye” may feel shortchanged by Wilson’s haphazard approach. (May)