cover image Quinn


R.C. Ryan. Grand Central/Forever, $7.99 mass market (352p) ISBN 978-1-455-50245-5

Bestseller Ryan (Montana Glory) kicks off a new contemporary western trilogy with this engaging but predictable romance. Wyoming rancher and wildlife expert Quinn Conway is out observing a pack of wolves when he meets fellow rancher Cheyenne O’Brien. After a rocky start and misunderstanding, Quinn takes shelter from a blizzard at Cheyenne’s ranch. The two admire and get to know each other, and when a fire destroys part of Cheyenne’s home, Quinn insists that she stay with him and his family until the damage is repaired. They grow closer even as suspicious mishaps befall both the Conway and O’Brien ranches. Ryan paints a picturesque image of the rugged landscape and the boisterous, loving, close-knit Conway family, but an easily identifiable villain detracts from the suspense. (Mar.)