cover image Revenant


Larissa Ione. Grand Central/Forever, $8 mass market (416p) ISBN 978-1-4555-2698-7

Ione packs her seventh and final Demonica novel (after Reaver) with action, angst, and sexual intensity, allowing her tortured leads to at last obtain hard-fought redemption and love. After thousands of years of horrific abuse in hell, Revenant discovered he was not a fallen angel but an actual angel, albeit with "tainted" blood. Filled with intense rage, he also craves the company of Blaspheme, a doctor at Underground General who's determined to maintain her distance. Blaspheme is a vyrm%E2%80%94a reviled and hunted hybrid of angel and fallen%E2%80%94and she's ever more fearful for her safety now that her disguise as a false angel is fading. Feelings for the vyrm-hating Revenant only add to her inner turmoil, while guilt, memory lapses, and the imminent reincarnation of Lucifer weigh down Revenant. Readers will find it easy to empathize with these tormented leads. By tightly integrating multiple plot points without sacrificing romance or complex characters, Ione ends her series with an emotional bang. Agent: Kimberly Whalen, Trident Media Group. (Dec.)