cover image Wild Licks

Wild Licks

Cecilia Tan. Forever, $12.99 trade paperback (352p) ISBN 978-1-4555-3364-0

Tan's second Secrets of a Rock Star novel (after Taking the Lead) is a rock-and-roll love song to erotic romance readers and music fans. Experienced BDSM players will appreciate its blazingly hot, delightfully geeky celebration of sex as play and the creative power of the erotic imagination, as well as for its sophisticated approach to the psychology of power exchange and its demonstration that even seasoned kinksters have ample opportunity to create relationship drama. The Rough's guitarist, Mal Kennealy, wears two faces: he's a gentleman when sashaying around L.A. with his new publicity-friendly girlfriend, aspiring actress Gwen Hamilton, and a depraved dominant with the groupies he ravishes in one-night stands. After Mal discovers that his last two hookups have been Gwen in disguise, he plans elaborate dress-up and role-play scenes based on their mutual favorite novels, but worries about losing control of his sadistic urges once he develops romantic feelings for her. In Tan's capable hands, reality doesn't send fantasy crashing down; once engaged, it deepens the connections that make for the best play. This is an outstanding example of the erotic romance genre. Agent Lori Perkins, Lori Perkins Literary. (Aug.)