cover image Up Hamster, Down Hamster

Up Hamster, Down Hamster

Kass Reich. Orca, $9.95 (24p) ISBN 978-1-4598-1013-6

The irrepressible rodents from Hamsters Holding Hands and This Little Hamster return to showcase opposites, and their antics should have children giggling from start to finish. A hungry “yes hamster” reacts with delight when a hamster chef lifts a cloche to reveal a slice of cake; the same diner becomes a “no hamster” on the facing page, where the chef has cooked up something green and smelly. Elsewhere, a “good” artist hamster turns “bad” when he decides to draw on his friends instead of on paper. Reich’s loosely outlined ovoid hamsters are full of energy and mischievousness, day or night, fast or slow, up or down. Up to age 3. (Sept.)