cover image Pandora's Key

Pandora's Key

Nancy Richardson Fischer. CreateSpace (, $7.50 paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-4679-6653-5

In this inventive debut installment of the Key Trilogy, an Oregon girl's life is uprooted by the discovery of her pivotal role in a prophecy stemming from Greek mythology. On her 16th birthday, Evangeline receives a necklace from her mother that features a small silver key; her mother, whose behavior has become increasingly erratic, explains that it was a gift from her own mother, and that she doesn't know what the key unlocks. Confused by her sudden transformation from an "ugly duckling" into a beauty, Evangeline learns that she is a descendant of Pandora and has inherited the role of keeper of the key to Pandora's box. Evangeline is thrust into a sometimes bloody battle between a sect of women committed to protecting the keeper and the Archivists, an ancient organization determined to obtain the key and the box it unlocks. Surprising twists%E2%80%94Evangeline has good reason to doubt who she can trust%E2%80%94add to the story's intrigue. The coauthor of several sports autobiographies, Fischer hits her stride in this quick-paced novel. Ages 12%E2%80%93up.