cover image Game


Anders de la Motte, trans. from the Swedish by Neil Smith. Atria/Emily Bestler, $15 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-4767-1288-8

De la Motte makes his U.S. debut with the exciting first in a thriller trilogy. On a commuter train from Märsta, Sweden, to Stockholm, perpetually broke Henrik “HP” Pettersson finds an abandoned cell phone that’s programmed to invite him to play “the Game,” which will be filmed and uploaded to a protected server. He can earn lots of money according to how he is judged by the members of a secret community who view his performance. The capers escalate from stealing a red umbrella to a criminal situation that threatens national security and involves his estranged sister, Rebecca Normén, a bodyguard with the Swedish Security Police. HP thrives on the risks, especially the thrill of being watched. The danger becomes personal for HP and Rebecca when he tries to leave the game. Relentless pacing leads to a stunning finale as HP tries to be not just a player but a real hero. Agent: Federico Ambrosini, Salomonsson Agency (Sweden). (Dec.)