cover image Ghosts of Time

Ghosts of Time

Steve White. Baen, $15 trade paper (272p) ISBN 978-1-4767-3657-0

The fourth installment of the Jason Thanou series picks up shortly after the events of Pirates of the Timestream, with Temporal Regulatory Authority agent Thanou dispatched to the waning days of the American Civil War in order to once again combat the cross-temporal plans of the Transhumanists. Jason and his team must blend into war-torn 1865 Virginia to seek out the nanobot caches that can change the future for the worse, while avoiding their younger selves, who passed through on a previous assignment. In order to complete the mission Jason is also forced to return to 1692 Port Royal just before its cataclysmic destruction. Meticulous research, vivid historical descriptions, and tense action sequences help flesh out this rousing time-travel adventure, though it occasionally threatens to collapse under its own convoluted weight as characters play merry havoc with cause and effect across the centuries. Series fans will enjoy the progression of the larger plot. [em]Agent: Michael Kabongo, Onyxhawke Agency. (July) [/em]