cover image The Imperfect Marriage: Help for Those Who Think It’s Over

The Imperfect Marriage: Help for Those Who Think It’s Over

Darryl and Tracy Strawberry, with A.J. Gregory. S&S/Howard, $24.99 (256p) ISBN 978-1-476738-74-1

In this deeply religious take on the institution of marriage, former MLB outfielder Strawberry and his wife, Tracy, offer their take on effective marriage. The Strawberrys crack open their own relationship, one that they freely admit was tarnished in the past by adultery, drugs, and other troubling, potentially marriage-wrecking actions. The authors encourage reconciliation in nearly every instance—the only exception being spouses in an abusive marriage. The first part of the book focuses on examining one’s spiritual health and how one’s own failings affect the marriage, along with advice on how to forgive and learn to trust again after a betrayal. The second half is devoted to the authors’ interpretation of God’s design for marriage—which includes such advice that the man is the ruler of the home and always has the final say-so, that faith in God is the bedrock of one’s life, and that passion, including sexual activity, is an important part of a relationship. The couple’s brutal honesty in regards to their personal life will be inspiring for many. However, with biblical passages on nearly every page, this book is ultimately best suited for a deeply Christian readership. (Aug.)