cover image Raising Caine

Raising Caine

Charles E. Gannon. Baen, $17 trade paper (640p) ISBN 978-1-4767-8093-1

Gannon’s harrowing third Tales of the Terran Republic military space opera (following Trial by Fire) builds well on his established setting. Caine Riordan has begun to embrace his unique position among veterans of the recent war. When he prevented the Terrans from committing genocide against the alien Arat Kur, Caine earned the respect of an ambassador from the technologically advanced Slaasriithi. Unfortunately, restraint leaves Earth looking vulnerable, and the Ktor, allies of the Arat Kur, become aggressive. With rebellion brewing among the Ktor, and the Slaasriithi engaging in their own startling forms of diplomacy, Caine acquires unexpected authority and responsibility. His experience in multiple first-contact events has made him uniquely suited to forge an alliance with the wise and peaceful Slaasriithi, whose urge to form symbiotic relationships might strengthen Earth—if they can remember their ability to make war. Gannon’s signature attention to developing realistic alien worlds makes this installment satisfying. (Oct.)