cover image Vince Flynn: Enemy of the State; A Mitch Rapp Novel

Vince Flynn: Enemy of the State; A Mitch Rapp Novel

Kyle Mills. Atria/Bestler, $28.99 (388p) ISBN 978-1-4767-8351-2

Mills’s exciting third contribution to the late Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series (after 2016’s Order to Kill) reinvigorates the well-worn Middle East conspiracy thriller plot. Saudi prince Talal bin Musaid, nephew of the ailing King Faisal, is using Saudi money to finance ISIS attacks against the United States. Meanwhile, Aali Nassar, the head of the Saudi General Intelligence Directorate, is undermining the country’s monarchy and actively aiding chief terrorist Mullah Sayid Halabi. The American president, determined that the Saudi perfidy must be stopped, asks CIA officer Mitch to eliminate all high Saudi officials who are acting against the U.S. Mitch forms a small but deadly team, including Claudia Gould, his love interest; Grisha Azarov, the Russian agent who almost killed him in an earlier confrontation; and Kent Black, a U.S. Army sniper turned illegal arms dealer. Series fans and newcomers alike will watch in wonder as Mitch executes a clever plan that leads to an explosive climax. Agent: Sloan Harris, ICM. (Sept.)