cover image You Are (Not) Small

You Are (Not) Small

Anna Kang, illus. by Christopher Weyant. Amazon/Two Lions, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4778-4772-5

Like Rosenthal and Lichtenheld’s Duck! Rabbit!, the debuting husband-and-wife team of Kang and Weyant uses the picture book form for a sophisticated philosophical debate. Weyant, a New Yorker cartoonist, draws two pudgy bearish creatures with bean-like noses—clearly the same species, but different in scale (and in color, it should be noted, though it never comes up). “You are small,” says the larger one, pointing an accusatory paw. “I am not small. You are big,” replies the smaller one, pointing back. “I am not big,” says the larger one, paw to his chest. “See?” A page turn reveals a whole gang of larger creatures just his size. “They are just like me!” But there’s a gang of smaller ones, too. The argument changes when a massive, Godzilla-size foot lands in the middle of the spread (“Boom!”), followed by a tiny creature who descends with a parachute. With these revelations, the creatures hone their analysis: “You are big and you are small.” Start a discussion on the difficulty of establishing standards—or else just read it and giggle. Ages 2–6. Agent: Holly McGhee, Pippin Properties. (Aug.)