cover image End Game

End Game

David Baldacci, read by Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy. Hachette Audio, , unabridged, 12 CDs, 12 hrs., $40 ISBN 978-1-4789-3003-7

The lively audio edition of book five in Baldacci’s Will Robie series finds the government’s most dependable hit man (played by Brewer) once again teamed with his love interest, the world-class sniper Jessica Reel (played by Cassidy). Their handler, Roger Walton, code name Blue Man, has gone missing from his Colorado hometown. Arriving in the small town of Grand, where Walton grew up, the deadly duo discover homicidal Nazi bikers, skinheads, hostile survivalists, and opioid dealers who clearly are too much for the sheriff and her limited staff, or even the state troopers, to handle. Like Brewer’s hard-boiled and unwavering Robie, Cassidy’s Jessica is relentless, though more sarcastic. Their heavy romance from previous series installments is dwindling, and in the brief moments between gun battles and explosions when they discuss their difficult relationship, both actors soften the tough talk. Brewer has fun with Grand’s various residents, especially the pompous, coldly homicidal neo-Nazi leader of a militant fringe group staking out in town; several good ole boys, some friendly, some not; and an obnoxious, arrogant billionaire. Cassidy gives voice to the rough but tender sheriff, the billionaire’s entitled wife, a pleasant middle-aged former girlfriend of Blue Man, and a vengeful, vicious killer determined to be a drug kingpin. Brewer and Cassidy’s carefully developed vocal renditions are a perfect fit for Baldacci’s latest. A Grand Central hardcover. (Nov.)