cover image Prudence


Gail Carriger, read by Moira Quirk. Hachette Audio, unabridged, 11 CDs, 12.5 hrs., $30 ISBN 978-1-4789-3014-3

A spinoff of Carriger’s popular Parasol Protectorate series, this new steampunk fantasy series centers on 20-year-old Prudence “Rue” Akeldama, a feisty young aristocrat who is also a “meta-natural,” able to temporarily drain and use the otherworldly powers of any supernatural being she touches. In a Victorian England, where high society is full of vampires and werewolves, this is a distinct advantage. Always in search of fun and adventure, Rue is delighted when her vampire uncle gives her a dirigible and sends her on a mission to India to obtain a highly desirable secret new brand of tea. Narrator Quirk combines a “veddy proper” posh British accent with Rue’s spunkiness and fun, bringing the flavor of the novel to life. She delightfully voices a variety of characters—upper-crust English aristocrats, a sexy Frenchman, Scottish werewolves, Cockney servants, secretive Indians—with perfect timing and a witty sense of humor. Her entertaining reading is a perfect match for Rue and her colorful adventures. An Orbit hardcover. (Mar.)