cover image If Everything Were Pink

If Everything Were Pink

Hannah Eliot, illus. by Lalalimola. S&S/Little Simon, $8.99 (16p) ISBN 978-1-4814-3538-3

Eliot (a children’s book editor) and Lalalimola (aka Spanish illustrator Sandra Navarro) present a whimsical contemplation of pink—gumball, rose, petunia, and more. A companion book, If Everything Were Blue, is also available, but the books sidestep stereotypical gender-based scenarios in favor of oddball adventures anyone can appreciate. Goofy, rebus-filled verse (“If everything were piglet pink.../ Pink twinkly [stars] would blink in/ outer space and a piggly wiggly pig/ would float by an [alien] with googly eyes on its face”) showcase ballet-dancer elephants, treasure-seeking submarines, and roller-skating giraffes, all of which burst with energy in Lalalimola’s scribbly mixed-media cartoons. Ages 3–5. Illustrator’s agency: Pickled Ink. (June)