cover image Thunderbird: A Miriam Black Novel

Thunderbird: A Miriam Black Novel

Chuck Wendig. Saga, $27.99 (336p) ISBN 978-1-4814-4871-0

In Wendig’s explosive, long-awaited fourth book to feature Miriam Black (after 2013’s The Cormorant), Miriam hunts for a woman called Mary Scissors, who might be able to rid her of the power that has ruined her life: when Miriam touches someone, she sees when and how they will die. Miriam has been to hell and back more times than she can count. She wants to live her life in peace, and her grim gift just won’t let her. When she happens upon a woman traveling with a young boy, Miriam sees the woman’s shooting death in a vision; to prevent the murder, she kills the shooter. This act leads her to a doomsday group called the Coming Storm that will do anything to get their hands on the boy. Exhausted and haunted by an entity she calls the Trespasser, Miriam, along with her scarred, vulnerable friend Gabby, must find the boy before it’s too late for them all. This gritty, full-throttle series is what urban fantasy is all about, with bitter humor rounding out lyrical writing. It’s easy to root for this mouthy, rude, insensitive, but innately good young woman, and her story hits the reader like a double shot of rotgut. (Mar.)