cover image Winter of Ice and Iron

Winter of Ice and Iron

Rachel Neumeier. Saga, $27.99 (576p) ISBN 978-1-4814-4897-0

In a lush and deliciously imaginative world where the land itself gives rise to powers—powerful but not omnipotent entities that strain to become gods—the human rulers who have magical connections to those powers are critical to ensuring their peoples’ well-being. Kehera is the heir to her country’s throne and has a deep tie to the gentle power of her land. A cruel king demands her hand in marriage; if he doesn’t get it, he’ll destroy her land’s powers and leave them exposed to the dangerous winter dragons. Reluctantly, Kehera accepts his demands and gives up her tie to save her people. This decision takes her on a journey that will put her in the path of strange powers, resilient sorcerers, and the ambitious but dangerously alluring Wolf Duke of Eäneté. The story is tense throughout, with attention focused on its characters and the implications of its worldbuilding. Kehera’s resolute devotion to fighting against the odds even as the world shifts and realigns around her carries through to the cosmically satisfying ultimate battle. (Nov.)