cover image The Brain Storm

The Brain Storm

Linda Ragsdale, illus. by Claudio Molina. Flowerpot, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4867-1556-5

In this wordless story, a boy wakes with a tornadolike scribble hovering above his head—readers will grasp that it signifies a bad mood. Throughout a brief school day, the scribbly storm proves contagious, trailing from the boy to his classmates. Back at home, his elderly guardian knits the bad mood into the shape of a sweater, and the boy glares at it as it unspools like thread. Finally, the boy folds the problematic mood into the shape of a paper airplane and sends it flying away. Molina’s modest spreads allow the brain storm to dominate, capturing the overwhelming feelings that come with a grumpy day. Ages 5–8. (Feb.)