cover image Forever Wolf

Forever Wolf

Maria Vale. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $7.99 mass market (352p) ISBN 978-1-4926-6193-1

Vale’s third Legends of All Wolves paranormal romance (after A Wolf Apart) brings the conflicts from both within and outside the Great North Pack to satisfying peaks, in a powerful story about the nature of belonging and the relationship between love, law, and duty. Werewolf Varya, “the Indurate Timursdottir, Alpha Shielder of the 12th Echelon,” is fiercely loyal to the Pack. She develops a deep fondness for Eyulf, an injured lone white wolf she discovers while patrolling, but must keep him hidden because his mismatched eyes represent a fearful omen of the end of days. Meanwhile, incursions by human hunters into Pack territory can no longer be controlled, and some Pack wolves want to acquiesce to the violent Shifters’ demand to breed with Pack females and raise children no longer tied to the cycles of the Iron Moon, while others see that approach as sacrificing all that it means to be wolf. Vale balances tender romantic and familial love with a thrilling helping of bloody dominance clashes, and readers of the series will find characters from the earlier stories grown gracefully into their power. This is a fitting capstone to the three-book arc, with the door left ajar for further stories. Agent: Heather Jackson, Heather Jackson Literary. (Apr.)