cover image What Waits for You: A Tully Jarsdel LAPD Novel

What Waits for You: A Tully Jarsdel LAPD Novel

Joseph Schneider. Poisoned Pen, $16.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-4926-8447-3

Schneider’s mesmerizing sequel to 2020’s One Day You’ll Burn features a chillingly brutal murderer, nicknamed the Creeper, who sneaks into his victims’ homes, where he hides for hours or longer before killing them and mutilating their corpses. Tully Jarsdel, who was a doctoral candidate in classical antiquity before joining the LAPD, is assigned to the team trying to catch the Creeper, whose members are desperately searching for a connection among the victims, who include a retired teacher, a fabric store owner, and an artist. Jarsdel seeks guidance from Alisha Varma, an outside-the box researcher into human behavior, who’s been hired as a police consultant, and believes that the design of public spaces can drive down crime rates. The death toll rises despite Jarsdel’s best efforts, and includes a shocking victim. Schneider’s pulse-quickening prose and facility at evoking menace elevate this well above many similarly themed books. The standout combination of concept and jaw-dropping twists will remind some of John Farrow’s The Storm Murders. Agent: Eve Attermann, WME. (Jan.)