cover image A Piece of the Moon

A Piece of the Moon

Chris Fabry. Tyndale House, $25.99 (400p) ISBN 978-1-4964-4344-1

Fabry (War Room) delivers a powerful story of faith and the material things people hold dear. After millionaire Gideon Quidley’s wife dies in 1974, Gideon feels led by God to hide all of his gold and silver—as well as thousands in cash—in a custom-built ark, bury it in the hills outside of Emmaus, W.Va., and leave only a list of cryptic Bible verses as clues to finding the treasure. Seven years later, after word about the ark has spread, Emmaus becomes inundated with treasure hunters—as well as others looking for a Christian revival who assume the story is Gideon’s attempt to promote biblical literacy. Local radio broadcaster TD Lovett gets involved in the treasure hunt after his friend and local pastor Robby Gardner goes missing during his search. After TD finds Robby stranded in a cave with a broken leg, Gideon resolves to pay Robby’s hospital bills and sets out to retrieve the treasure himself. But then a car accident leaves Gideon in a coma and NASA investigators arrive in town to find a moon rock Gideon supposedly hid with the treasure, kicking the frenzy up to a fever pitch. The winding narrative, which follows TD’s transformation from unwelcoming skeptic to enthusiastic believer, elevates themes of community and faith in God’s plan. This is Fabry’s best yet. (Apr.)