cover image Lowcountry Lost

Lowcountry Lost

T.I. Lowe. Tyndale, $29.99 (368p) ISBN 978-1-4964-6564-1

A divorced couple reconnects in this charming second-chance romance from Lowe (Under the Magnolias). Avalee Elvis has spent the six years since her split from high school sweetheart Rowan Murray growing her successful renovation business. But long, sweaty days knocking down walls and laying tile are fleeting distractions from her broken marriage, the personal tragedy that helped ruin it, and her sense of alienation from “everyone and everything” in the wake of both. She’s eager to embark on a project to revitalize a small South Carolina town that’s been abandoned since the mid-20th century, but barely has time to get to work before structural engineer Rowan shows up and informs her he’s been hired by the project’s investors to oversee construction. Still, Avalee throws herself into her work, and the town begins to take shape as the exes reconnect. Though Avalee’s surprised to learn she’s not the only one deeply wounded by the divorce, if she wants to rebuild her romance with Rowan, she’ll have to draw on her faith for the strength to finally face her trauma and heal herself. Lowe skillfully balances the story’s heavier themes with humor, thanks to several quirky side characters—including craftsmen brothers Fred and Froid and a food-snatching dog. This is sure to tug on the heartstrings. (Sept.)