cover image Texas Free

Texas Free

Janet Dailey. Kensington, $26 (261p) ISBN 978-1-4967-0958-5

Dailey continues the saga of the Tyler family and Rimrock Ranch with this addictive sixth installment (after Texas Fierce). At 14, Rose Landro had to flee to Mexico after killing the man who killed her grandfather. Twelve years later, she’s forced to kill again, and Rose decides that facing the law in Texas is preferable to certain death at the hands of a vengeful Mexican drug cartel. Besides, she’s now old enough to claim her grandfather’s legacy, a small piece of land that lies between Bull Tyler’s cattle ranch and the nearest reliable water source. Bull now holds the deed to the land. Girded for a fight with BUll, Rose encounters Tanner McCade, an undercover lawman working for rival rancher Ferg Prescott. After Ferg offers to help in her battle with Bull, Tanner starts falling in love with Rose, but he may be in for a few surprises, because he doesn’t know the half of what she’s capable of. Satisfying as a standalone, this installment will also delight fans of the series. Agent: Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Assoc. (Sept.)