cover image Outrageous


Minerva Spencer. Kensington, $15.95 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-4967-3285-9

The kidnapper becomes the kidnapped in Spencer’s rowdy second Rebels of the Ton historical romance (after Notorious). Godric Fleming, Earl of Visel, is moments away from kidnapping the wife of his nemesis, Gabriel, as part of his ever-escalating schemes against the couple—but it’s he who ends up bound and gagged in a carriage bound for Scotland. His abductor is Eva de Courtney, Gabriel’s sister, who hopes to put an end to Godric’s bad behavior. But Godric turns the tables on Eva, pointing out she’s put herself in a compromising situation and insisting that they marry. As they match wits, Godric is surprised by Eva’s fiery temper, realizing that, though almost 17 years his junior, she’s a formidable—and attractive—adversary. Eva, too, sees a different side of Godric as threats from highwaymen and a vengeful widow force them to work together. But Godric’s pain and guilt over the loss of his first wife and child have created a wall around his heart that even Eva may not be strong enough to scale. The exciting drama of their road trip only facilitates their individual growth, and returning fans will be especially gratified to see the villainous Godric in a new light. This daring, emotional page-turner is a delight. [em]Agent: Jessica Alvarez, BookEnds Literary. (July) [/em]