cover image A Letter to Three Witches

A Letter to Three Witches

Elizabeth Bass. Kensington, $15.95 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-4967-3432-7

Bass (Life Is Sweet) delivers an enchanting paranormal rom-com replete with laugh-out-loud banter. The Engel cousins are forbidden to practice magic, as punishment for the actions of their great-great-grandfather, whose magic accidentally caused the Dust Bowl. But Tannith—the troublemaker of the “cousin coven,” which also includes Gwen, Milo, and Trudy—leaves magical mayhem in her wake when she dramatically departs the cousins’ hometown of Zenobia, N.Y., leaving behind a letter informing the trio that she’s placed a love spell on one of their significant others, who’ll soon be joining her in New York City. Trudy, whose marriage to her husband, Laird, is crumbling, realizes she has a penchant for accidental enchantments. Milo’s been “dabbling” in spellwork ever since meeting his mayoral candidate boyfriend, Brett. And while Gwen works through insecurities after moving in with her boyfriend, Daniel, she discovers a powerful magical strength. But their illegal spellcasting may incur the wrath of the Grand Council of Witches. Tannith makes for a flat antagonist—the quintessential wicked witch—but as the tale takes on an almost episodic form, moving between quirky blunders, it achieves sitcom-level humor that will have readers cackling. The ending feels a bit tidy, but it’s a charming ride to get there. Fans of Practical Magic will be delighted. Agent: Meg Ruley, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (Feb.)