cover image Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog

Helen Currie Foster. CreateSpace, $12.99 trade paper (255p) ISBN 978-1-505378-26-9

Foster’s entertaining sequel to Ghost Cave finds small-town Texas attorney Alice MacDonald Greer looking forward to a concert held at Twin Springs, a recording studio and mansion complex. The featured performer is to be Annie Temple, a legendary singer whose “husky voice had sung for years with such courage about love, war, politics, and loss that no president felt safe inviting her to the White House.” Annie was invited to the event by Alice’s new client, 21-year-old songwriter Tessa McElroy, whose carelessness in signing a contract may have cost her the rights to her breakout song. Before the performances are scheduled to begin, Annie’s body is discovered floating near the bottom of the Twin Springs swimming pool. The subsequent autopsy reveals that Annie had a toxin in her system, one found in Texas mountain laurel, a possible ingredient in the cup of tea that Tessa supposedly made for Annie shortly before her death. Alice’s plausible efforts to clear Tessa of a murder charge make for suspenseful reading. [em](BookLife) [/em]