cover image Picturing God

Picturing God

Ruth Goring. Beaming, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-1-506449-39-5

Goring, a Colombian poet and visual artist, explores the many faces of God in this lilting text. Some comforting images are taken directly from the Bible—God as “the light of the world,” and “the Good Shepherd”—while some are Goring’s delightful inventions: “God’s goodness is like bright clothes we can put on every morning, with faith as a button and peace as the sleeves.” Goring’s creative, brightly hued collage work uses unexpected materials, such as iridescent shells, dried brush, sea glass, and fairy lights. The narrative is fairly inclusive; figures are rendered in various skin tones, and God is not unilaterally referred to with male pronouns, referred to as both “a Father who forgives again and again,” and “a Mother who covers us with her wings.” A poetic, graceful dive into the many biblical metaphors for God. Ages 5–8.[em] (Sept.) [/em]