cover image Seeing Jesus: Visionary Encounters from the First Century to the Present

Seeing Jesus: Visionary Encounters from the First Century to the Present

Robert Hudson. Broadleaf, $24.99 (328p) ISBN 978-1-5064-6575-3

Hudson (The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style) takes a thoughtful approach to this intriguing collection of accounts of Christians throughout history who have claimed visions of Jesus. He calls it “a book of stories and a book about stories,” and is quick to clarify that he is not determining whether any are fact or fiction. While he acknowledges points of skepticism and the utility of parables (“Does the story of the Good Samaritan lose its validity if the incident was made up?”), he’s hesitant to dismiss out of hand any modern claims, when such influential Christians as Mother Teresa, Francis of Assisi, and Sojourner Truth are believed to have encountered God on Earth. Whether retelling reports from disciples, mystics, or moderns, he strives to make sense of context and lessons—and draws a distinction between those who may have ulterior motives (such as greed) and those that exemplify sincere faith; for example, many have mocked the story of Maria Morales Rubio, who claims to have seen the face of Jesus in a tortilla, but Hudson notes the incident was associated with positives such as the curing of her husband’s alcoholism, and emphasizes that “Faith, not faces, is the miracle.” This should resonate with mystics and more philosophical Christian readers alike. Agent: Tim Beals, Credo Communications. (Nov.)