cover image The Chase (Breaklands #1)

The Chase (Breaklands #1)

Justin Jordan and Tyasseta. Dark Horse, $19.99 trade paper (120p) ISBN 978-1-5067-2441-6

Nearly 150 years ago, an event called the Break upturned the world of this gory, postapocalyptic, and madcap science fiction series from Jordan (the Strange Talent of Luther Strode series). The Break gave (almost) everyone powers, and granted a few the power to reshape the world entirely. Kasa’s brother, Adam, is one of those few, but Kasa herself was left with no powers. They’ve kept hidden all their lives, but Adam disobeys Kasa and reveals themselves, and is promptly captured. Kasa’s journey to recover her sibling makes for a fun thrill ride across the wasteland, propped up by a nifty premise, shocking but not overly gratuitous violence, and inventive uses for characters’ powers. Newcomer Tyasseta’s flat and angular art is reminiscent both of Euro comics and throwback computer video game graphics. The unusual perspectives will keep readers on their toes. But the adventure lacks an emotional underbelly; the secondary characters have no skin in the game, and the relationship between badass Kasa and her delinquent brother doesn’t get much attention before he’s whisked away. Overall, the slick ride hasn’t yet caught enough gravity, but there is much potential for future installments; readers may want to dip in at Comixology, where the series is running, for the edgy art but await future volumes for their verdict on the story line’s success. (Mar.)