cover image Recalibrate Your Life: Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope

Recalibrate Your Life: Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope

Kenneth Boa and Jenny Abel. IVP, $18 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-514-00072-4

In this enlightening entry, Boa (Face to Face), president of Reflections Ministries, and Abel (A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence, coauthor) offer Christians tools to assess and realign their lives. They contend that in order to reorient one’s life, one must view it from an “eternal perspective” by recognizing the relative brevity of one’s time on Earth and thinking beyond “temporal” matters (which house to buy, which social group to join). This process can be intentional or spurred by an unanticipated life change, the authors note, but both involve considering long-term priorities and aligning one’s perspective to Godly principles. Bringing together scriptural insight, practical tools (such as taking a “recalibration retreat”) and examples from their own lives (including Boa’s multiple near-death experiences), the authors explain how their process promotes asking “important questions that we should have been asking all along.” With an approachable style, Boa and Abel provide sound advice for weathering challenging life moments and connecting with God; but despite the mention of varied transition points at which readers can reassess (starting a new job, getting married, etc.), frequently the discussions are in context of retirement and aging, implying this is more an option for those in midlife or older. Believers eager to take a fresh look at their lives will find this a welcome resource. (Feb.)