cover image Falling from His Grace

Falling from His Grace

Kristin Vayden. Lyrical, $4.99 mass market (308p) ISBN 978-1-5161-0568-7

This Regency romp is a well-balanced mix of heat and sweetness, but the story loses fire as it approaches its glib conclusion. When defiant Lady Liliah Durary is told by her domineering, uncaring father that she will marry her best friend, Meyer—who’s mutually in love with her other best friend, Rebecca—she sets out to experience a night of passion before she enters a marriage that she expects to be miserable. Lucas Mayfield, the rakish and controlling eighth Earl of Heightford, catches Liliah in his private gambling club and becomes immediately enamored despite his vow to never love again. Their chemistry is undeniable, and when he gets a taste of her fire and willfulness, Luc becomes determined to make Liliah his. Secrets make for a hint of mystery, and Vayden does a great job of setting the stage and laying out the clues. Luc and Liliah’s passion extends outside of the bedroom as they match wits and charm. Meyer and Rebecca’s love simmers beneath the surface, and readers will anticipate their union without losing focus on the main characters. Only the pat ending disappoints, and Vayden’s considerable promise will keep readers eager for sequels. (Sept.)