cover image Who Got Game? Baseball: Amazing but True Stories!

Who Got Game? Baseball: Amazing but True Stories!

Derrick D. Barnes, illus. by John John Bajet. Workman, $12.95 paper (176p) ISBN 978-1-5235-0553-1

This substantial collection of baseball lore is both comprehensible and enlightening, useful for middle grade devotees of America’s national pastime. Four sections cover Pivotal Players (“Three-Fingered Ace Mordecai Brown”), Sensational Stories (“The ‘Jumbo Wagner’: The Most Expensive Trading Card in the Universe”), Radical Records (“The Only Man Named MVP in Both Leagues”), and Colossal Comebacks (“Hitless Wonders: The 1906 World Series”) in detail, expressed in a jovial, conversational tone: “Big ol’ muscle brain, jam-packed with baseball info that only a top graduate with a PhD from Baseball University would know.” Lively typography, graphic headers, accent font colors, outlined passages, and plenty of illustrations keep the pages turning. Bajet’s bold digital art, done in a warm, inviting palette and evoking an animation style, brings past players and escapades alive for a modern audience. Young baseball fans will find this narrative nonfiction tome engaging and worth revisiting. Ages 8–12. (Mar.)