cover image Adoring Abigail

Adoring Abigail

Chalon Linton. Covenant Communications, $14.99 trade paper (208p) ISBN 978-1-5244-1151-0

Linton (Escape to Everly Manor) elevates this straightforward Regency romance with self-actualized protagonists and a fine eye for historic detail. Mr. Robert Wilkins, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, is surprised to learn that he has inherited his great-aunt’s sprawling, luxurious estate. The estate comes with a slew of new obligations, but Robert’s attention is quickly diverted away from them by his lovely but bashful neighbor, Miss Abigail Rutherford. Because Abigail struggles with a speech impediment, she seldom speaks in public and is often assumed to be simple-minded and excluded from social events. Robert and his sister, however, only see her quick insight and compassion, and they welcome Abigail into the fold. But the villainous local vicar has also set his sights on Abigail and is willing to take any advantage to make her his wife. Robert’s acceptance of Abigail’s difference is instant and heartwarming, but Linton wisely avoids “cured by love” clichés, instead painting a sensitive portrait of Abigail’s growing belief in herself. This uplifting story is sure to gratify readers of chaste romance. (Feb)