cover image What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

Dana LeCheminant. Covenant, , $16.99 ISBN 978-1-524-42308-7

In this charming Regency romance from LeCheminant (Love in Disguise), a woman assumes a false identity to flee an unwanted suitor. It’s 1815, and Lucy is en route to a new governess job with her friend Rebecca when a storm forces them to stop overnight at an inn. Inside they’re horrified to discover Jonathan Granger, the brother of Lucy’s former employer, who’s relentlessly pursued her hand in marriage for the past five years. William Calloway, a kind stranger, lets the women stay in his room by pretending Lucy is his wife, and after he’s stricken with a fever, Lucy and Rebecca accompany him to his family’s estate. The Calloways, meanwhile, have gotten word that William is returning with his “betrothed.” After Lucy learns Granger has hatched a plan to “carry her away,” the women decide to keep up the ruse for their safety. Things get complicated when William’s older brother Simon returns home. He and Lucy are drawn to each other but try to resist the attraction as Lucy maintains her cover and works to maintain faith to survive. Though the plot can feel rushed, LeCheminant excels at writing snappy dialogue, and the budding romance between Lucy and Simon is a delight to read. LeCheminant’s fans will enjoy this fun romp. (May)