cover image The Rabbit Hunter: A Joone Linna Novel

The Rabbit Hunter: A Joone Linna Novel

Lars Kepler, trans. from the Swedish by Neil Smith. Knopf, $27.95 (528p) ISBN 978-1-5247-3228-8

Kepler (the pen name for a husband-and-wife writing team) manage a clever and intriguing variant on the serial killer theme in their outstanding sixth novel featuring Stockholm Det. Insp. Joona Linna (after 2019’s Stalker). Linna, who’s behind bars for helping a convict escape and assaulting a guard, gets a chance at redemption when he’s summoned to a meeting with his attorney, only to find the Swedish prime minister present. The previous night, Swedish foreign minister William Fock was murdered in his home by a masked man. Fock’s killer left a living witness—escort Sofia Stefansson, whose assignation went bad after Fock drugged her and tied her to his bed. Stefansson overheard the murderer tell Fock that “Ratjen opened the door.” The police believe Ratjen to be Salim Ratjen, a convicted drug dealer who was recorded making a phone call referencing “three big celebrations.” Since the date of the first one coincides with Fock’s killing, the PM fears that two more terror attacks are in the works. Linna agrees to help, but the investigation takes some highly unexpected directions. Kepler has never been better at hiding key clues in plain sight. Agent: Niclas Salomonsson, Salomonsson Agency (Sweden). (Jan.)