cover image The Witch’s Throne

The Witch’s Throne

Cedric Caballes. Andrews McMeel, $15.99 paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-5248-7650-0

A young alchemist dreams of joining a team of heroes to combat an ancient evil in this action-packed graphic novel by Caballes, based on a webcomic. When human Agni Arvelle was young, her mother would tell her tales of legendary heroes destined to save the world from the evil witch planning to “eradicate all life.” After discovering that the legend is real, Agni is determined to join the heroes in their quest to stop the witch. But when Agni, now a learned alchemist, sets out to test her skills in the yearly witch hunt, she realizes that the harsh reality outside her home, where she faces ambushes and potential dismemberment at every turn, may be more than she can handle alone. She befriends half-giant and half-elf blacksmith Grom, and together, the duo train for the hunt’s culmination—a tournament that determines who will face the witch. Caballes smartly renders the sometimes overwhelming mechanics of classic TTRPGs into Agni’s world in an easily digestible manner, making status effects and barbarian rages feel as naturally entrenched in the setting as the mystical creatures who inhabit it. Richly detailed lore and vibrant color palettes handily elevate this high-stakes fantasy adventure. Ages 13–17. (Oct.)