cover image Office Gods

Office Gods

Catharina Octorina and Hiikariin. Andrews McMeel, $18.99 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-5248-8604-2

Octorina (Maid for Hire) and Hiikariin’s flighty office rom com comes with a supernatural romantasy twist: it’s set in a world where the gods and demigods of Olympus are corporate CEOs. Ordinary human woman Iris has somehow managed to land a job delivering interoffice memos at the deities’ prestigious corporation, which is located in a lofty 1,000–foot-tall office tower. On her first day, she upsets Eros, embarrasses herself in front of Orion, makes an enemy out of Dante, and develops an office crush. This is the first volume collecting the ongoing webtoon that follows Iris’s struggles to perform her day-to-day duties in a business not at all designed to human scale. The worldbuilding and character designs are convincingly otherworldly, though the art is just serviceable. The comic paneling and flow don’t fluently convert from the vertical scroll online; some panel sequences end up difficult to parse. Still, for insatiable fans of Lore Olympus, this is a fresh and fun take on Greek mythology. (Nov.)