cover image Frankie D, Vegan Vampire

Frankie D, Vegan Vampire

Sally Dutra and Brian Dutra, illus. by Tiffani Brown. Kids Can, $15.99 (192p) ISBN 978-1-5253-0460-6

In this witty and whimsical early chapter book series launch, a debut by married collaborators the Dutras, vampire Frankie D and his family—including his three-legged pet wolf—are excited to emigrate from Transylvania to America. To help Frankie blend in with his human classmates, his parents set special rules: no biting, no showing off his fangs, and no sneak attacks. Though Frankie’s meticulously practiced human manners hilariously fail him on his first day of fourth grade (attempts to make small talk surrounding his taxidermy expertise result in peers’ confused staring), his idiosyncrasies soon net him new friends, each with quirks of their own. Only one classmate gives Frankie pause: Eddie, a bully who smells of “forest trolls.” Eddie’s attempts to torment Frankie test his resolve not to bite. But when Frankie discovers Eddie’s secret insecurity, Frankie does his utmost to help Eddie overcome his challenges. Eager to fit in and rarely deterred by perceived setbacks, Frankie is a fang-tastic protagonist whose many triumphs and foibles will immediately endear him to young readers, even those without sharp teeth or pet wolves. Movement-filled grayscale spot illustrations by animator Brown depict characters with varying skin tones. Ages 7–10. (June)