cover image Here for the Drama

Here for the Drama

Kate Bromley. Graydon House, $15.99 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-1-5258-1144-9

There’s drama both on and off the stage in this cute rom-com from Bromley (Talk Bookish to Me). Playwright’s assistant Winnie allows her powerful boss and surrogate mother figure, Juliette, to drag her along on a trip to London, but she tries to draw a line at Juliette’s request that she go on a series of internet dates to inspire Juliette’s next play. Winnie wants to focus on her own career as a playwright, not romance. Then she meets Juliette’s dashing nephew, Liam, who offers to help by feeding her tales of his own romantic misadventures to bring back to his aunt. There’s a spark there, but the ever-demanding Juliette makes it clear that she would frown on a relationship between Winnie and Liam, and also bans discussion of her own troubled relationship with Liam’s mother, Isabelle. Still, hopeless romantic Winnie is determined to set the stage for a happy ending for all around her—with unexpected results. Bromley brings out realistic family dynamics with an effective blend of sensitivity and humor. Unassuming Winnie’s insecurity about her future as a writer makes it especially easy to feel for her. Plays, plotting, and puppy love amount to a sweet production especially suited for theatre lovers. Agent: Kevan Lyon, Marsal Lyon Literary. (June)