cover image A Conspiracy of Truths

A Conspiracy of Truths

Alexandra Rowland. Saga, $25.99 (464p) ISBN 978-1-5344-1280-4

Rowland (In the End) spins an impressive and thoroughly entertaining fantasy that isn’t afraid to pull back the curtain on its craft, providing an insightful commentary about the art of storytelling and the dangerous, enchanting power that stories have to change reality itself. Arrested on charges of witchcraft and spying, a travelling storyteller known as Chant is imprisoned in the northern country of Nuryevet and thrust into the complicated network of information and deception that exists among the country’s five elected rulers. Chant is determined to save his own skin, so he begins sharing information with his captors, spinning tales in order to ensure his ongoing value. But stories have power, and soon Chant and his small band of allies become enmeshed in a plot that could topple the delicate balance of power in Nuryevet for good. Chant’s caustic wit and clever prose make him an ideal narrator for this tale, and each character’s voice aids in creating a world of words that readers will be loath to leave. (Nov.)